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Any donation above $10 will receive a tax deductible receipt.

Many thanks to those who made a contribution in 2016!

Donations $300 – $500

Dr Sylvia Chiang

Leslie Pulsifer 

Nora Angeles

Donations $100 – $299

Rose Tijam

Donations $12 – $99

Maria Cristina Lopez

Trifona Ramiro

Marybeth T Durante

Deokalli Somar

Julie Nanquil

Rosatechie Gonzales

Charlene Taboy

Elnora Pascua

Mercedes Gonzalez 

Ana Lia Sanchez

Evelyn J Laraya

Alicia Blanco

Mirna Coca

Rose Fortaleza

Rita Soltesz

Tracy Ngan Nguyen

Meldina Smith

Lillian Adamakis

Chelsea’s Filipino Cuisine

Lia Moran

Maricela Lozano

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